Statement clocks have had a surge in popularity in recent times. Just as a handbag can finish off an outfit, a great contemporary clock adds the ultimate finishing touch to a room.

Whatever decor you opt for there is always a great clock to suit it. A stylish home-office with a monochrome colour scheme would perfectly complement our Flip Banker Clock. Not only is it stylish and striking, it also has practical date and time settings.

Or for lovers of all things quirky and kitsch nothing beats our modern interpretation of the Cuckoo Clock. Designed in Italy by Pascal Tarabay, the Cucu Clock is fast becoming a modern day design icon.

For something more feminine and delicate that looks beautiful in both contemporary and traditional settings, the Butterfly clock would be the perfect addition. The main clock has a cut-out butterfly shape and there are 3 additional butterflies which you can attach in anyway you please.

Some of the most iconic clocks were originally designed by George Nelson in the 1950s. He came up with classic yet quirky designs such as the Eye Clock and the Ball Clock. These styles still look fabulous and contemporary despite being designed almost half a century ago and have influenced many clock designers to this day.

Here at Amode we love clocks so much that we've compiled what we think (in our humble opinion!) is one of the most varied, colourful and inventive range of contemporary and retro inspired clocks.