Modern Chest of Drawers

Contemporary bedroom drawers from Amode

Amode has a wide range of bedroom drawers in a modern style, to help create a stylish and functional bedroom space.

Chest of drawers usually are primarily used for the function of storing clothing such as jumpers, t-shirts, socks, underwear or bedding and towels. However our modern chest of drawers do not have to be relegated to the bedroom entirely, as they can be placed in the hallway, home office or lounge to store general household items like keys, paperwork, stationary, board games etc.

Our contemporary bedroom drawers fall in two categories:

Wide chest of drawers

The wide chest of drawers usually come in a length of around 120cm (though can be longer or shorter) and are usually deeper at 57cm in depth. These wide chest of drawers usually have 3 to 4 drawers and will be between 75cm or 55cm in total height. These drawers are best suited for jumpers, t-shirts, shirts, towels and bed linen. A great examples of this is our Deco 4 drawer chest or our Boss high gloss chest of drawers.


The other type of bedroom drawers – tallboys – are taller and narrower in size  (usually around 60cm wide and around 110cm tall on average) and are usually bought as a set of two to be placed side by side. Tallboys are best suited for storing socks, underwear, tights, belts, scarves, purses/wallets, sunglasses and watches. A great example of this would be the Boss high gloss tallboy and the Graffiti white modern tallboy.

Our contemporary chest of drawers and tallboys come in contemporary finishes, such as high gloss, matt, walnut, dark oak and lacquered ash wood finishes. Amode specialise in contemporary drawers for the bedroom, so feel free to call one of our advisors on 0845 527 9697 for more help, or pop in to our Italian furniture showroom in Hammersmith, west London where we have a selection of our designer bedroom drawers on display for you to view.