When it comes to redecorating a living room, it seems the easiest thing in the world to find the perfect sofa, storage and colour scheme. Often the last item to be thought of is the humble coffee table. To avoid having a coffee table which is out of place in your home, as well as your lifestyle, just simply follow these rules when considering to buy a new modern coffee table:

1. Storage: Do you have loads of newspapers, magazines, brochures etc? In that case it’s best to invest in a contemporary coffee table which has some sort of inbuilt storage included. This can come in many forms, such as an under shelf or drawers, or hidden storage compartments. Our Stella High Gloss Coffee Table is perfect for this.

2. Do you love to sit on the floor in front of your coffee table – maybe to eat something, go through your mail or flick through some magazines? In that case invest in a coffee table that is not too low off the ground and doesn’t have a solid base so you can easily fit your legs underneath. If this sounds like you then you'll find our Glacier Modern Coffee Table & Tokyo Contemporary Coffee Table ideal.

3. Some people use their coffee table just to put their feet up. Why not try using a large square ottoman stool instead, like our Dondo ottoman?

4. If you have kids or pets it’s best to invest in more durable materials that won’t scratch or stain easily and avoid pointy edges or sharper corners.

5. Size is sometimes an afterthought: make sure there is plenty of space to manoeuvre around the other furniture in the room, and make sure the proportions fit in well with the rest of your furniture.

Once all the above factors have been considered then the only thing left to worry about is the look – and there’s plenty to choose from, such as high gloss coffee tables, glass coffee tables, wooden coffee tables and much more.

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