Olympic Village Furniture to be Sold Off to the Public After the Games

19 July 2012  |  Helen

Many of us would like to be involved with the London 2012 Olympic games or at least take back a memento of this event, and now it seems that this may be a possibility for some. Before many of the athletes have even arrived into their accommodation a company responsible for fitting out and furnishing the Olympics village has begun pre-selling the furniture and fixings that are to be used throughout the Olympic games – yes, the very pieces that famous Olympic sports stars such as Usain Bolt and Jessica Ennis may be in contact with.

The organisers of the sale have had previous experience with the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Athens 2004 Olympic Games and the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games. In setting up this furniture flash-sale the organisers hope to bring in revenue and provide new homes for the furnishings once the games are over in order to cut out any wastage. There are thousands of furniture pieces available for sale, which will be ready for delivery after the Paralympics closing ceremony and a dedicated website - – has been set up by the company who handles the furnishings of the Olympics games.

Items range from brightly coloured bean bags at a very affordable £15, to beds, bedside tables and lamps from the athletes bedrooms, to lockers where the sporting stars will be storing their belongings. Some more dubious items for sale include single mattresses - which we can only assume will be used - to some plastic coat hangers (sold by the pack of 10 for 50p). But our favourite by far is the 2.5 meter judges diving high chair.

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