Things to consider before buying a TV unit

5 November 2012  |  Helen

Over the course of the years we have sold many TV units, and with that we have found at that there is more than meets the eye when purchasing the right unit that meets all of your needs. Usually people will want a stylish TV table, and that is their number one priority initially. However there are so many other considerations other than looks, so we thought we’d put together the common questions that should be considered before choosing a TV unit.

What is the size of your largest piece of a/v equipment?

This is very important, as there is no point investing on a brand new beautiful TV unit, only to find that your very expensive audio equipment will not fit inside. When measuring your largest piece you need to size up the height, width and the depth. When measuring the depth also make sure that you include extra clearance space for the cables that come out from the back of the unit. Once you know the full dimensions of the largest pieces of a/v equipment you will then be able to order the correct sized TV table.

What will you be storing inside?

Another important factor. If you have a vast collection of a/v equipment you might want more drop-down doors or even open shelf units to accommodate these so that you will be able to use your remote control to operate the equipment. Or if you only have a single sky box you might wish to place this on the top of your TV unit and just have a run of doors and drawers for storing miscellaneous household items.

What is the minimum/maximum length that you would like the TV unit to be?

This seems quite obvious, but sometimes this step can become an afterthought. Before you even start to search for a TV unit it is always best to know the minimum and maximum lengths in order to find the right size TV unit for your space, and also will help to narrow down your options.

How do you want to access your a/v equipment?

If you need to access you’re a/v equipment by remote control then it is advisable to choose a drop-down door opening or an open shelf – it is also not advisable to put any a/v equipment inside of drawers as the wires will not be able to feed through the back of the unit (due to the drawer carcass). If, however, you have a video sender or magic eye device you will have more flexibility with your door options.

Do you want it floor standing or wall mounting?

This is more of an aesthetic choice, but an important one nonetheless. If choosing a wall mounted TV unit it is important to check the stability of the wall, and the weight of the a/v equipment to be placed inside. As a rule of thumb it is advisable only to mount TV units onto brick walls.

Do you have young children?

You may wonder why is this relevant, but it is important when selecting various options. For example, we would not recommend choosing a wall mounted TV unit as young toddlers have been known to climb onto these which might cause damage to the wall fixings, and in extreme circumstances may cause injury if the unit were to fall. Also we would recommend not going for darker high gloss colours (such as black, dark brown etc) as these tend to show up fingerprints a lot more, so are slightly higher maintenance when there are little fingers around.

Do you need cable management?

When you choose your TV unit you need to plan ahead for which sections will store your a/v equipment – this then allows you to add in cable holes in the back of those areas to feed through wires and cables.

There are many other considerations, such as colour, design, budget or finish, however the above points are the most common questions that it helps to know the answers for before beginning your search. Hopefully the above answers will make the task of finding the right TV unit a little simpler.

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