Benefits of a Storage Bed

8 January 2011  |  help

graffiti storage bed

After the festive rush is over there is a need to de-clutter and store away pillows, bedding and duvets from having guests over. Or if you were lucky enough to get some winter sun then there's always the need to store away those suitcases and summer clothing. That's why we love storage beds so much - they're great for storing away those items that you only need access to every so often, and they help to maximize the storage capacity of your existing floor space.

The great thing about storage beds:

- they already use existing floor space that would otherwise be 'wasted' if you used a non-storage bed
- it means you don't have to invest in additional wardrobe or cupboard space for storage
- it's great for storing away your seasonal clothing, suitcases, towels, pillows, duvets, bedding etc
- easy to open with a piston mechanism
- easy access to quickly retrieve/put away stuff
- ideal for smaller bedrooms that can't accommodate chest of drawers

Here are some great picks of our beds with storage bases:

Fiume Dark Oak Storage Bed

Mala High Gloss Storage Bed

Graffiti Storage Base Bed

City Storage Bed with Built-in Bedsides