How to create more space in your home

17 February 2011  |  help


As the trend to spend more time at home continues and families and friends begin to entertain rather than go out, creating a beautiful home can be achieved quite simply.  Key to creating a chic home is based on an interior design trick that many top designers use and that is to create an illusion of space.  Creating space involves using sleek lines in rooms that give perspective to the area.  It is however important that the room décor includes sleek lined furniture too.  

Before you begin a room’s design it is a good idea to look at it as a blank canvas.  A great way to create the space illusion is to have wood flooring installed as the lines in the boards immediately create perspective.  Pale wall coverings also generate a feeling of space – remember darker hues or heavy patterns reduce the area in a room.  Crucially though, it is the choice of furniture that is paramount to producing the illusionary space and perspective.  Traditional furniture styles tend to be cumbersome and are more appropriate to conventional homes; the contemporary home should be adorned with contemporary furniture to make the whole chic home theme work.

Perfect for lounges are real Italian sofas as they enhance the sleek lines that you are trying to create and are designed to complement modern living.  Choosing a sofa for a modern lounge helps to produce a focal point but it is important to consider how the sofa will be used.  If the family love to sit around together and watch a film a modern sofa can be complemented with a contemporary TV Tables and Stands or a wall storage system.  There are great ranges of modern TV and wall storage units that are manufactured in a variety of materials using the sleek line design style.  Currently the High Gloss finish for TV and wall storage units is proving the most popular.  Having high gloss furniture in a room is perfect to continue the space creating theme as it reflects light producing the illusionary space that you want to achieve.

Using this technique in any room will result in a beautiful chic home where you will want to entertain family and friends.