Tips and Tricks for Interior Design

21 January 2011  |  help

For successful interior design there are a number of easy tips and tricks that can be adopted to make transforming a room simple, yet very effective.  The beauty with interior design is there are no hard and fast rules, what one person will like in terms of colour schemes for instance may not suit another, but that does not really matter. Following the steps below will help you achieve a room make-over that will not disappoint.

Firstly consider why you are carrying out the interior design project.  If it is for adding value to your property when you come to sell, then it will be a good idea to go for a more generalised look that will appeal to prospective buyers, if however you are already in your life time home it is possible to create a more personalised interior.

For any interior design project it is essential that some time is spent on planning.  Designing a room yourself can be achieved quite simply by sketching the finished result or alternatively look at software that can assist with design ideas.

The Design 
This is always an individual choice as different people will want different things from their room design.  Think about your lifestyle and what you enjoy and start from that point.  If a living room is an area of relaxation think how you would want to relax, what type of sofa and lounge chairs, what kind of look, modern, chic, angular designs or a more traditional look.

Personal Taste
As previously mentioned interior design is a very individual process, there are no rules.  Personal taste for colour schemes for example allow for creativity and the best tip regarding this aspect is to ensure that selected colour schemes work well together, that colours contrast nicely and that the finished room will look and feel co-ordinated.  Remember warm colours such as reds and oranges will reduce the feeling of space and lighter colours will create illusionary space.

Finally give yourself an affordable budget and work within this figure – ensure you factor a big enough budget to complete the interior design project.