Modern Coffee Tables

20 January 2011  |  help

Coffee tables are again very much in vogue –designers are producing innovative coffee tables that look stunning in all types of home. Interior designers are also using coffee tables as a focal point in a room and the creative effect of a coffee table positioned on a large area rug is very popular. There are some fantastic ranges of coffee table available and here we spotlight some of the most stylish and chic that will add sophistication to your home.

The Glacier high gloss coffee table is based on Japanese contemporary style and is available in either black or white high gloss lacquer.  This particular range is fitting with the in vogue interior design style of angular furniture in contrasting black or white finish that is extremely popular in contemporary, minimalist homes.  

The Zen range of coffee tables again emanates Japanese elegance and is available in a rectangle or square shape design.  The name of the range itself exudes the ideology of Buddhism and the design creates an atmosphere of relaxation suiting any home wanting to achieve the ultimate in style. See this long coffee table

Porto coffee tables are definitive in terms of ultra-modern linear design and are a stunning addition to modern homes.  The availability of the Porto range in high gloss black or white table top and the geometrically designed metal frame results in a striking effect and can help to create illusionary space. We especially like this high gloss nest of tables

The Cube coffee table stands apart as one of the most spectacular examples of eye-catching product innovation and takes the coffee table to new heights.  The low-level design makes the table a perfect vocal point in a modern living room but it the creative effect of the highly polished legs that add to the uniqueness of the piece.

The Fiori coffee table resembles the Cube in terms of the low-level design and polished legs but has a unique twist as the white table top is adorned with a beautiful floral design that helps to soften the geometric lines.

All the coffee tables in the spotlight will make your home look stunning and chic and of course make having a cup of coffee all that more enjoyable.