The UK Furniture & Design Industry Market

14 February 2011  |  help

There is a strong link between the furniture market and the housing market in the UK.  In times of economic insecurity especially, this link can be clearly identified.  As the housing market stagnates it would seem logical to presume that the furniture market would decline.  There are signs that the furniture market has indeed declined up to 2010 but there is a confidence that this is not likely to continue as people begin to redesign their existing home rather than move to a new property.

Interestingly the US is showing a similar trend and it is commentated that as the economic downturn hits hard families are spending more time at home and enjoying family time, hence an increase in the purchase of new furniture to create a home that encourages quality family time.  The UK looks certain to follow as families have less cash to spend going out and want to enjoy a beautiful home setting to spend time with family and friends.

Unfortunately many furniture outlets tend to be high street names with the same old furniture designs in stock that are not appealing to those people that want to create a spectacular home with chic, designer pieces of furniture.  At a time when re-designing an existing home is on trend people are looking for distinguished furniture designs. The Italian furniture manufacturing and design market have been keen to be leaders in creating unique and chic furniture designs for the global market and their strategy has really changed the way that UK homes are furnished.  Other countries too have strategically planned for the change in the furniture market including Portugal, Spain, Germany and many Scandinavian countries.  Here at Amode, we also anticipated the change in the market and have been able to source some of the most magnificent furniture pieces from the best designers in these regions.  

It is clear that economic uncertainty could continue into the future and that more and more people will spend more time at home with family and friends rather than have a day or night out, but it is also evident that as people stay in their existing homes they will want unique, designer furnishings to make their homes a place for sophisticated socialising.