Welcoming Spring with Bright Colours

29 March 2011  |  help

2011 promises to be the fashion year of beautiful, bright primary colours.  The colours of the Mediterranean will also heavily influence the fashion industry’s designs. This is exciting for the modern furniture industry as in terms of furniture the sleek high gloss pieces in black and white always look stunning when accented with bright primary coloured accessories.  Obviously red is the most striking primary colour in our furniture portfolio and the red high-gloss furniture is already becoming extremely popular.  People are searching for fun pieces that distinguish their home as a modern, stylish living space – and are using red furniture pieces to express themselves.
For those people 'afraid' of using the primary colours – red, blue and yellow as a main furniture colour theme there are some striking pieces that will help include splashes of colour to a home.  Our contemporary furniture portfolio is heavily influenced by the finest contemporary furniture designers and there are some amazing dining chairs, bar stools, chest of drawers and tallboys that can add a dramatic colour accent to a room.
For instance to create a stunning dining room area consider the Italian designed, Luna dining table in white and team with the striking Bruno dining chairs in red, blue or green. The bright colour of the dining chairs will create an instant impact that makes a bold style statement.
The Mediterranean colours again are quite easy to introduce into the home – in the kitchen, bar stools in red or green achieve that Mediterranean look; in the bedroom the Mediterranean ambience can be created by using bed linen and scatter cushions in the gorgeous aquas, oranges, golds and greens that all influence the colours of the Med.  The Mellow Fabric Bed also achieves that essential Mediterranean feel to the bedroom – in dark teal or magnificent mulberry the design brings the Med straight into the room.  The bedroom is a wonderful room in which to bring a variety of materials – bright and bold colours and sheer fabrics are dominating the material ranges and these help add that accent of bright spring colour.