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Ex-Display: Nova Italian Sofa, 3 Seater

Ex-Display: Nova Italian Sofa, 3 Seater£3,510.00   £1,755.00

From Stock: Bruno Dining Chair, Anthracite

From Stock: Bruno Dining Chair, Anthracite£290.00   £232.00

From Stock: Mellow Bed With Storage

From Stock: Mellow Bed With Storage£3,650.00   £2,920.00

Ex-Display: Muse Tallboys (Set of 2)

Ex-Display: Muse Tallboys (Set of 2)£3,120.00   £1,872.00

Ex-Display: Fino Rectangle Dining Table

Ex-Display: Fino Rectangle Dining Table£2,850.00   £1,995.00

In Stock: Bilboa Sofa in Dark Grey Leather

In Stock: Bilboa Sofa in Dark Grey Leather£4,060.00   £2,842.00

Ex-Display: Porto/Opera Marble Tables

Ex-Display: Porto/Opera Marble Tables£2,210.00   £1,550.00

Ex-Display: Reflex Chaise Longue

Ex-Display: Reflex Chaise Longue£3,310.00   £1,665.00

Ex-Display: Galaxy Floor Lamp

Ex-Display: Galaxy Floor Lamp£950.00   £665.00

Ex-Display: Henrik Sideboard, Matt Lacquer

Ex-Display: Henrik Sideboard, Matt Lacquer£2,320.00   £1,620.00

Ex-Display: Caligrafia I II Artwork

Ex-Display: Caligrafia I II Artwork£1,370.00   £685.00

Ex-Display: Celeste Lamp in Taupe

Ex-Display: Celeste Lamp in Taupe£450.00   £250.00

Ardoise Flute Ceramic Object

Ardoise Flute Ceramic Object£150.00   £75.00

Ardoise Kado Ceramic Object

Ardoise Kado Ceramic Object£190.00   £95.00

Cire Kado Ceramic Object

Cire Kado Ceramic Object£190.00   £95.00

Clay Toby Ceramic Object

Clay Toby Ceramic Object£100.00   £50.00

Colour Block Ceramic Vase, H55cm

Colour Block Ceramic Vase, H55cm£360.00   £180.00

Glacier Kado Ceramic Object

Glacier Kado Ceramic Object£190.00   £95.00

Khaki Geo Ceramic Object

Khaki Geo Ceramic Object£130.00   £65.00

Khaki Toby Ceramic Object

Khaki Toby Ceramic Object£100.00   £50.00

Maya Kado Ceramic Object

Maya Kado Ceramic Object£190.00   £95.00

Multi Coloured Arte Ceramic Jug

Multi Coloured Arte Ceramic Jug£270.00   £135.00

Riga Ceramic Vase, Blue Base

Riga Ceramic Vase, Blue Base£230.00   £115.00

Riga Ceramic Vase, White Base

Riga Ceramic Vase, White Base£230.00   £115.00

Spina Ceramic Vase, Blue Base

Spina Ceramic Vase, Blue Base£250.00   £125.00