Neptune Sofa

Neptune Sofa£4,460.00   £4,014.00

Neptune Corner Sofa with Chaise

Neptune Corner Sofa with Chaise£5,370.00   £4,833.00

Neptune Corner Sofa With Coffee Table

Neptune Corner Sofa With Coffee Table£5,240.00   £4,716.00

Neptune Corner Sofa

Neptune Corner Sofa£7,670.00   £6,903.00

Athena Corner Sofa With Chaise

Athena Corner Sofa With Chaise£5,380.00   £4,842.00

Athena Sofa with Deep Section

Athena Sofa with Deep Section£5,550.00   £4,995.00

Florence Sofa (Adjustable Headrest)

Florence Sofa (Adjustable Headrest)£2,630.00   £2,367.00

Cloud Sofa

Cloud Sofa£4,070.00   £3,663.00

Cloud Corner Sofa

Cloud Corner Sofa£6,770.00   £6,093.00

Cloud Corner Sofa With Chaise

Cloud Corner Sofa With Chaise£4,680.00   £4,212.00

Aria Sofa (Adjustable Headrest)

Aria Sofa (Adjustable Headrest)£2,920.00   £2,628.00

Aria Corner Sofa (Adjustable Headrest)

Aria Corner Sofa (Adjustable Headrest)£5,160.00   £4,644.00

Milano Corner Sofa

Milano Corner Sofa£6,720.00   £6,048.00

Minerale Corner Sofa

Minerale Corner Sofa£5,940.00   £5,346.00

Minerale Corner Sofa with Chaise

Minerale Corner Sofa with Chaise£5,470.00   £4,923.00

Minerale Corner Sofa with Footstool

Minerale Corner Sofa with Footstool£6,720.00   £6,048.00

Minerale Sofa

Minerale Sofa£2,870.00   £2,583.00

Minerale Sofa Bed

Minerale Sofa Bed£3,790.00   £3,411.00

Relax Sofa

Relax Sofa£3,100.00   £2,790.00

Relax Corner Sofa

Relax Corner Sofa£7,350.00   £6,615.00




Our contemporary sofas are designed by some of the most highly established and cutting edge Italian furniture designers and architects. Sofas go through an intensive design process where many prototypes are created until the perfect shape, proportion and comfort is realised.



Each and every one of our sofas is lovingly handmade in Italy by highly skilled upholsterers, who between them have over 5 decades of experience creating high end, high quality sofas. Every fold and stitch is carefully considered in order to create a beautiful finished result.



All our sofas are made to order especially for you, so if you are unable to find the ideal size from our standard sizes then our Italian production team can custom size any of our sofas as close to your specifications as possible. Simply give our advisers a call on 0203 397 7323 to let us know your bespoke size requirements.



The best way to see the quality of our contemporary sofas is to see them with your very own eyes!

We have a selection of our best selling sofa models in our London showroom - along with all the leather & fabric samples too.
Our knowledgeable advisers will be able to help you find your perfect soft.



It is so important that you are able to find the perfect material to create your perfect sofa. We have 100's of leather options in a wide range of colours and 1000's of different fabrics too.

So whether you are after grey, white, cream, black, taupe, brown, red, orange, blue, green, yellow, purple...



Our sofa ranges can come in standard 2 seaters or 3 seaters, as well as contemporary corner sofas or sofas with chaise longues.

We also have a collection of modular sofas and sectional sofas for those who want to have more flexibility with their designs.