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Montague Chesterfield Sofa

Montague Chesterfield Sofa£4,520.00   £3,842.00

Montague Chesterfield Footstool

Montague Chesterfield Footstool£2,520.00   £2,142.00

Theo Sofa

Theo Sofa£2,290.00   £1,946.50

Theo Corner Sofa

Theo Corner Sofa£3,990.00   £3,391.50

Marlow Sofa, Adjustable Headrest

Marlow Sofa, Adjustable Headrest£2,520.00   £2,142.00

Reflex Corner Sofa

Reflex Corner Sofa£4,170.00   £3,544.50

Aria Sofa

Aria Sofa£2,620.00   £2,227.00

Aria Corner Sofa

Aria Corner Sofa£4,730.00   £4,020.50

Minerale Corner Sofa with Chaise

Minerale Corner Sofa with Chaise£4,660.00   £3,961.00

Minerale Sofa

Minerale Sofa£2,420.00   £2,057.00

Minerale Corner Sofa

Minerale Corner Sofa£5,040.00   £4,284.00

Minerale Corner Sofa

Minerale Corner Sofa£5,640.00   £4,794.00

Minerale Sofa Bed

Minerale Sofa Bed£3,040.00   £2,584.00

Bohemé Corner Sofa

Bohemé Corner Sofa£4,880.00   £4,148.00

Bohemé Sofa

Bohemé Sofa£2,620.00   £2,227.00

Bilboa Sofa

Bilboa Sofa£2,490.00   £2,116.50

Bilboa Modular Sofa

Bilboa Modular Sofa£4,400.00   £3,740.00

Bilboa Corner Sofa

Bilboa Corner Sofa£4,360.00   £3,706.00

Relax Corner Sofa

Relax Corner Sofa£6,330.00   £5,380.50

Relax Sofa

Relax Sofa£2,680.00   £2,278.00

Geneva Sofa

Geneva Sofa£2,710.00   £2,303.50

Geneva Corner Sofa

Geneva Corner Sofa£5,010.00   £4,258.50

Day Corner Sofa

Day Corner Sofa£5,370.00   £4,564.50

Day Sofa

Day Sofa£2,800.00   £2,380.00

Modern Italian Sofas

Contemporary sofas from Amode

A great modern sofa should enhance and compliment your lifestyle, whilst providing a central focal point for your living room. Our range of designer sofas are handmade in Italy by a skilled team of frame builders, leather cutters, seamstresses and upholsterers who together work as a team  to create the beautifully crafted sofas from Amode. Our luxury Italian sofas are available in various grades of leather and different fabric upholstery options.

Our sofas are designed with modern living in mind, and as such come in a wide range of sizes and finishes. Most of our designer sofas are modular too, so can be built up into various compositions depending on your size and space requirements. Space is a major consideration when choosing the right sofa – for smaller spaces it is ideal to go for a fixed 2 or 3 seater modern sofa, however if you have a larger room then a sectional or corner sofa would be a great option. Another consideration would be how you would use the sofa. If it is just for formal seating, such as in a reception room, then fixed sofas are more appropriate. If you want to use the sofa in front of the tv or for relaxed lounging the a modern corner sofa is ideal, as you can put your feet up and lie back into the chaise longue section.

Materials are important too. You can choose from a modern leather sofa or a contemporary fabric sofa - plus we have a wide range of contemporary colour options. At the moment the most popular colours are grey, whites, neutral tones, taupe and cream - though we have plenty of other colour options too. Arrange a viewing at our showroom to have a look through our range of leather and fabric options to choose the sofa that's right for you.

Put your feet up and relax on one of our modern sofas:

Aria Modern Sofa – The Aria sofa range has a stylish angular armrest, and is coupled with a super-handy adjustable back rest which allows you to place the back cushions further up to adjust your seating comfort. The Aria sofa has a more cutting-edge contemporary look with a tight upholstery finish. Available as either fixed sofa or as a modular/corner sofa. Upholstered in a choice of fabric or leather.

Bilboa Contemporary Sofa – The Bilboa sofa is the epitome of modern Italian design. The solid legs perfectly accent the minimal, contemporary body. This modern sofa has a unique quilted/tufted upholstery detailing along the side of the sofa. The mix of feather and foam fillings give the Bilboa an incredibly comfortable, relaxed feel. Available as either fixed sofa. Upholstered in a choice of fabric or Italian leathers.

Day Modern Sofa – The Day Sofa range is a future modern classic. The slightly imposing silhouette of the Day sofa is nicely offset by it’s thick feather and foam padded cushions and sleek chrome frame. Available as either fixed sofa or modular sofa. Upholstered in a choice of fabric or leather.

Geneva Modern Sofa – Ultra stylish and extremely handsome, the Geneva modern sofa is the ultimate in modern Italian living. This stunning sofa has large proportions for a luxury feel, and is probably the most comfortable sofa that we have sat in. The attention to the finer details really makes this sofa stand out – from the chrome frame around the entire base of the sofa to the stylish design along the sides – the Geneva is for true design lovers. The seat and back cushions are filled with duck feather and foam, for a laid-back casual feel and incredible comfort. Available as either fixed sofa or modular sofa. Upholstered in leather.

Relax Designer Sofa - Relax by name, relax by nature. The aptly named Relax Italian Sofa is a marvel of modern design, traditional manufacturing processes and contemporary materials. The design of the Relax is a contemporary classic with a twist – the twist being the superb detailing on the back of the sofa – this refined back makes for a fantastic corner sofa, where the back of the sofa can be as much as a focal point as the front. The Relax Sofa is available in fixed or modular options, and in fact has the largest number of modular pieces making this our most flexible sofa. Available in Italian leather or fabric upholstery options.